PDE Models in Mathematical Biology Workshop

Update: New collaborations initiated during the 2021 Workshop led to new publications about reaction-diffusion models of biological phenomena. More results will appear in 2023.

Date: June 24, 2021.

Time: 9.45am-1pm (Eastern Australian Standard Time). 

PDE models in mathematical biology will be an online forum to hear from leaders in the mathematical biology community who use partial differential equation models to study biological phenomena. Sponsored by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, the workshop is free and the only requirement is that participants register so we can keep in touch.

The fully online half-day event will include four keynote speakers with plenty of opportunities for discussion. We will also use the event to promote the potential for follow-up collaboration, both face to face in each city, as well as online collaboration opportunities between different institutions.

Invited Speakers

Registration and Program

Click here to register. The event is free to attend, all we ask is that you register so that we can keep track of participant numbers and collect email addresses for communication before and afterwards.   

The draft program is available here. The program will be updated and copied to the calendar invite after participants have registered.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Recordings are available here. Registrants should check their e-mail for the password.