Research Projects

Funded Projects

  • Australian Research Council Discovery Project (2020-2022) Mathematical models of 4D spheroids: mathematical model development and parameterisation. Matthew Simpson, Nikolas Haass and Michael Plank.
  • MATRIX Mathematical Workshops (2020). Spatial structure in population models: bridging theory and data. Matthew Simpson, Michael Plank, Rachelle Binny and Maria Bruna.
  • USA Aerospace Research and Development Research Program (2017-2018). Cellular hedging. Kevin Burrage and Matthew Simpson.
  • Royal Society International Exchanges Scheme (2017-2019) Single-file diffusion in networks. Francis Woodhouse and Matthew Simpson.
  • Banff International Research Station (2018) Mathematical and statistical challenges in bridging model development, parameter identification and model selection in the biological sciences. Ruth Baker, Daniel Coombs and Matthew Simpson.
  • Australian Research Council Discovery Project (2017-2019) Mathematical models of cell migration in three-dimensional living tissues. Matthew Simpson, Ruth Baker and Michael Plank.
  • Australian Research Council Future Fellowship (2014-2018) New data-driven mathematical models of collective cell motion. Matthew Simpson.
  • Australian Research Council Discovery Project (2014-2016) A new hierarchy of mathematical models to quantify the role of ghrelin during cell invasion. Matthew Simpson, Scott McCue, Adrian Herington, Lisa Chopin and Philip Maini.
  • CRC for Wound Management Innovation Project Grant (2013-2015) Cell clustering in wound healing. Matthew Simpson and Sean McElwain.
  • Australian Research Council Discovery Project (2012-2014) Modelling cell invasion incorporating the epithelial to mesenchymal transition: Exploring therapies to control wound healing and cancer progression. Matthew Simpson, Sean McElwain, David Leavesley and Ruth Baker.
  • Marsden Fund New Zealand (2012-2014) Cell invasion: Interactions across scales. Michael Plank, Matthew Simpson and Richard Law.
  • Royal Society International Exchanges Scheme (2012-2014) Multiscale models of cell motility for populations with variable cell shape. Ruth Baker and Matthew Simpson.
  • Australian Research Council Discovery (2006-2009) Multiscale modelling of cell migration in developmental biology. Kerry Landman, Barry Hughes and Matthew Simpson. Australian Postdoctoral fellowship to Matthew Simpson.
  • Australian Research Council Small Grant (2001-2001) Experimental and numerical investigation of unconfined flow systems with seepage face boundaries. Prabhakar Clement and Matthew Simpson.

Potential Student Projects

I have a range of projects available for summer vacation, Honours and PhD students. Some of these include:

  • Lattice-free models of collective cell migration, proliferation and differentiation processes.
  • Developing continuum-limit descriptions for patchy experimental data using discrete models of collective cell behaviour and moment dynamics descriptions.
  • Applying mean particle lifetime and mean action time concepts to provide new insight into mathematical models of heat and mass transfer with applications from civil and chemical engineering.
  • Multiscale modelling of collective cell migration in complex microenvironments.
  • New interpretations of observations of moving cell fronts using partial differential equations related to position-jump and velocity-jump discrete models.

Current Projects

Current projects that my group are working on include: