Research Training

Research Assistant/Postdoctoral Fellow

  1. Dr Parvathi Haridas. Research assistant 2012-2014. After this position, Parvathi commenced a PhD at QUT.
  2. Dr Catherine Penington. Research fellow 2015-2017. After her postdoctoral position, Catherine took up a position as a Lecturer in Mathematics at Macquarie Univeristy.
  3. Dr Wang Jin. Research assistant 2017-2018. After this position Jin commenced as a Vice Chancellor's Research Fellow at QUT.
  4. Mr Alexander Browning. Research assistant 2017. After this position, Alexander commenced a PhD at QUT.
  5. Dr Wang Jin. Vice Chancellor's Research Fellow 2018-present.
  6. Dr Tarunendu Mapder. Postdoctoral researcher 2018-present.
  7. Dr Nabil Fadai. Postdoctoral researcher 2018-present.

Doctor of Philosophy

  1. Dr Katrina Treloar. Doctor of Philosophy. 2012-2015. Mathematical models for collective cell spreading. After graduation Katrina took up a position at Suncorp bank.
  2. Dr Adam Ellery. Doctor of Philosophy. 2013-2016. Modelling transport through biological environments that contain obstacles. After graduation Adam took up a position as a computational scientist in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Queensland.
  3. Dr Stuart Johnston. Doctor of Philosophy. 2013-2017. Mathematical models for quantifying collective cell behaviour. After graduation Stuart took up a position as a research fellow at the University of Melbourne.
  4. Dr Wang Jin. Doctor of Philosophy. 2014-2017. Investigating the reproducibility of in vitro cell biology assays using mathematical models. This thesis was awarded a 2017 outstanding thesis award. After graduation Jin took up a position as a research fellow at Queensland University of Technology.
  5. Dr Parvathi Haridas. Doctor of Philosophy. 2014-2017. In vitro characterisation of melanoma progression in a melanoma skin equivalent model. After graduation Parvathi took up a position as a laboratory scientist at Envoi Pathology.
  6. Mr Oleksii (Alex) Matsiaka. Doctor of Philosophy. 2015-present. Multiscale modelling of collective cell spreading.
  7. Mr David Warne. Doctor of Philosophy. 2015-present. Computational inference for chemical reaction networks.
  8. Dr Sean Vittadello. Doctor of Philosophy. 2016-present. Parameterising discrete mathematical models of three-dimensional melanoma spheroids.
  9. Mr Anudeep Surendran. Doctor of Philosophy. 2017-present. Mathematical models of three-dimensional cell migration in living tissues.
  10. Mr Alexander Browning. Doctor of Philosophy. 2018-present. New insights into medicine and material science using mathematical modelling.
  11. Mr Jesse Sharp.Doctor of Philosophy. 2018-present. Mathematical models for collective cell migration and antibiotic resistance.
  12. Mr Ryan Murphy. Doctor of Philosophy. 2018-present. Mechanical models of collective cell invasion.
  13. Mr Yifei Li. Doctor of Philosophy. 2018-present. Nonlinear diffusion and singular perturbation techniques.
  14. Ms Maud El-Hachem. Doctor of Philosophy. 2018-present. Reformulating mathematical models of cell invasion as moving boundary problems.
  15. Mr Giuseppe (Pepe) Jordao. Doctor of Philosophy. 2018-present. Mathematical model selection for the analysis of experimental data from three-dimensional tumour spheroid assays.
  16. Mr Jacob Ryan. Doctor of Philosophy. 2019-present. Time scales of diffusion in realistic environments with complex geometries and spatial heterogeneity.

Master of Philosophy

  1. Mr Alex Browning. Master of Philosophy. 2016-2017. Stochastic mathematical models of cell proliferation assays. After graduation Alex took up a position as a research assistant at Queensland University of Technology.
  2. Mr Sean McInerney. Master of Philosophy. 2017-2018. Parameterising continuum models of heat transfer in heterogeneous living skin using experimental data. After graduation Sean enrolled in a Master of Education degree to pursue a teaching career.
  3. Ms Tamara Tambyah. Master of Philosophy. 2019-present. Continuum limit analysis of the cellular Potts model.
  4. Ms Solene Hegarty-Cramer. Master of Philosophy. 2019-present. Spatial control and cell guidance in evolving biological tissues.